December 2, 2014

Government is Force

         Throughout the weekly readings and throughout the course of history I have been seeing a trend. Most people understand that Government is force. Although, not many people understand the reason behind why government is force. When people walk into a store and buy milk, seeing the price increased from $2.50 to $4.00 they are outraged. People make enough of a fuss and the Government intervenes. What then happens? The Government lowers the price of milk by initiating a price ceiling. Milk prices are now not allowed to increase higher than $2.50. Many people are so happy; however, they do not realize the force that Government has initiated. Milk farmers cannot afford to produce milk due to the low price ceiling set by the Government. Then people stop producing milk and move to produce something else; something they can afford to produce and make profit on. This shows that the Government is forcing the producers to produce a good and sell at a price that makes no profit. What this does is show that milk farmers have no choice but to steer clear of producing milk and do something else. The market works in ways that cannot be changed by man; by the Government.

            Lets look at property rights. People can be living in a home for years, decades even. The Government decides they want to expand a road that will go along your property. They can come to your door and try to buy your house from you. You can refuse and refuse again; however, eventually you have to give up your home because you do not own the property your house is sitting under; the Government does. What does this prove, that Government is force. You should own the land your house sits on because you have been there for decades. You could of grown up in that house, your children and maybe even your grandchildren. Then you are forced to give it up. How does this not prove that Government is force?

            Government also feel it is their right; they have the force necessary to take money from us and distribute it according to the way they feel it needs to be. Although, how does the Government have the right to decide where our hard earn money goes? I saw a video streaming on the internet about a couple weeks ago of a lady with four children living off of our hard earned money. She had tattoos from head to toe, nice clothing, her hair colored and even had her nails done with acrylics. She stated how she has been living off welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, etc. for fifteen years. She was kicked off housing assistance for a while because the Government found out she was living with her boyfriend. How can you tell me this is acceptable? She has the money to get tattoos; which are not cheap. She has the money to get her nail and hair done; however, she does not have the adequate amount of money to feed and shelter her children? Also, she has not worked for over fifteen years. Now tell me how the Government has a right, has the force necessary to take the money from our hard earning paychecks to sustain this lady and her families living? I am twenty one years old, a college student who has debt and trying to work a full time job, slaving away to pay bills; however, this lady has children and she has the right, because the Government says so to take our money that we work for.

            Now please tell me after hearing all of this, that the Government is not force and have information to back it up. The Government feels they have a right to control our markets, our housing situations, even our money. The Government is ultimately force and they continue to use it because they feel they have the right too.

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