February 28, 2010

The "Left" is not right.

After reading Ludwig von Mises writings on Capitalism and Socialism I found it very clear that Socialism is wrong and Capitalism is the only way to go. Even before reading Mises I knew that Capitalism is far superior to Socialism. Mises explains the details very well and I would have a hard time arguing with his logic. By reading Mises I got a better understanding on both Capitalism and Socialism. Mises states the following:

"Those who call themselves
"liberals" today are asking for policies which are precisely
the opposite of those policies which the liberals of
the nineteenth century advocated in their liberal programs.
The so-called liberals of today have the very
popular idea that freedom of speech, of thought, of the
press, freedom of religion, freedom from imprisonment
without trial—that all these freedoms can be preserved
in the absence of what is called economic freedom. They
do not realize that, in a system where there is no market,
where the government directs everything, all those other
freedoms are illusory, even if they are made into laws
and written up in constitutions."

In the following Gallup poll over 1/3 of Americans have a positive image of Socialism. That is a very high percentage of people that live in a free country that strives off Capitalism. The majority of the people that view Socialism as positive consider themselves to be liberal. As Mises explains that the definition of a liberal is different now than in the past. Today's average Liberal is confused, they want to have all of the freedoms of America and Socialism all wrapped up in one. The combination of freedom and Socialism will never happen. Sorry Liberals, freedom only works with Capitalism. I have a little advice for all you people that like Socialism, look at Socialism in the past, Socialism does NOT work. And read some Mises if you still don't understand.

Americans' Image of Socialism

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