April 30, 2010

Recession is Over?

A very rash statement for an administration, Federal Reserve and a neoclassical model that does not recognize the entrepreneur. Over the last 200 years America experienced the largest accumulation of wealth, technological advance and freedom to choose because of the granting of property rights to the public. From this foundation the past generations experienced the opportunity to create, take risk, and accumulate wealth. Unfortunetly that entreprenural spirit is quickly evaporating from our economy causing job losses, and the consumption of capital with no return on that capital. Obviously this administration views larger government as the solution to our worsening econmy vs.the entreprenural spirit, history has shown that this approach leads to disasterous consequences. The recession is not over, job losses, foreclosures and the ignorance of economic freedom remains evident.

The individuals claiming that the recession is over are the ones that have been supported by this and past administrations, through the bailouts and backroom dealings that the common man could never grasp. These connected banks, wall street cronies and government representatives live in a world were there is no risk. They continue to print money and benefit themselves. That is not the entreprenural spirit.

America does need change, not in the radical direction this administration has taken. The entreprenuer must be recognized as the main driver of the economy, not the government. As proven in the Austrian view of economics. The less government the better. The neoclassical model that has been studied and is the basis of our economic policies must recognize the importance of the entreprenuer in that model. Until this takes affect we as Americans will continue to struggle financially and experience the boom and bust cycles that represents our neoclassical model.

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