December 15, 2010

Japan Outsourcing to China

Many companies within the mainland China are now starting to see further utilization of their workers by Japan. Originally Japanese companies would hire Chinese workers at a rate not very competitive with what would be paid to workers of the same skill set native to Japan. In the past five year the number of Chinese workers in the business class has doubled. This spells deeper relationships between the two nations which are now beginning to help one another on a scale set to a brisk pace. There are even companies within Japan that are now owned by Chinese investors this would have been troubling previously but now is of little concern. The idea of intermixing the two countries in a way that they are now able to help one another prosper is fresh considering the history of the two nations relations amongst one another. The idea of considering the firm as a whole instead of just individuals is one leading reason they are outsourcing as well as starting to use mainland China as operative fronts for new business ventures. The profitability of the two nations will soar compared to previous decades especially knowing that China is one of the fastest growing countries and will be on the steady course for many years. What is not seen though is the idea that though it will be of benefit for both the effects on Japan considered to be the second leading economy in the world by many is that they are actually helping China more then themselves. The ideas are on the right path though with China becoming more involved with the Japanese economy it seems that the symbiosis relationship is not one that Japan needs to become successful. Outsourcing is good though the dependency of other nations to the point that they are now involved with game changing information could become disastrous. Time being a factor may Japan realize that not always is it better to use cheap labor.

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