November 16, 2011

Live it up!

The new Colorado Springs slogan “Live it up!” and the official nickname “The Springs” was introduced this week. So far $111,000 has been spent to come up with this ground-breaking new brand.

The process was long are arduous. The board brainstormed over several original slogans like, “Live life to the fullest,” “Just do it,” “Live and learn,” or “You can do it. We can help.” The use of an exclamation point was also questionable. However, “Live it up!’ encompasses “The Springs” in the best way. It’s just so awesome here. Enjoying some Dairy Queen at the mall? Live it up! Driving to work? Live it up! Shopping for some jeans at the new Kohl’s? Live it up, people!

“The Springs” economy has suffered badly over the past few years, but it’s time to just get over it. If we just live it up, it will probably go away. The key is to ignore bad stuff and it will eventually disappear. Who cares about our streetlights, parks, school busses, police, or firefighters? That’s old news. Forget about it. Just live it up people. We have mountains!

This project has created a whole new role of government in society. Not only should the government use force to protect property rights. They can also use such force for marketing campaigns. Making commercials is really fun and easy, especially with the government's power. “The Springs” government is definitely getting creative with its role in society and use of force.

Also, forget about specialized knowledge. Could anyone possibly think of a better slogan or nickname anyway? Marketing firms are a joke these days. They use this thing called creativity to thing of orignal ideas. Or focus groups and market research to test the resonance of a product or brand among its target market. But what's the point if you can just get a bunch of random people together to think of something? Hundreds of citizens and government employees worked on this project. A famous hip hop artist was even included! I found the theme song of Colorado Springs written by Mac Miller himself!

Just kidding, here's the REAL video:

Besides, a lot of the typical roles of government have just gotten a little too boring and predictable. Murders and robberies happen all the time. It’s time to change it up. Let’s do some marketing and make a commercial for fun instead! Live it up!

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