March 30, 2010

Ignorance and lies lead to failure

It is very obvious that the current administrations posturing on the policies affecting the future of the United States economy is lacking the support of the majority of U.S. citizens. It seems as though the more we protest the less the government listens. This ignorance by our government has the unfortunate similarities of past socialistic governments that have failed. It has been documented and proven by the essay's we are currently discussing in this course that there is no future for the people if the government has too much control and continues to grow. We as Americans have to ask ourselves how much more of the lies and corruption can we take until we reach a breaking point? The politicians continue to string the believers along but they are slowly loosing support. The breaking point is finally being reached.

This is a epic moment in history. It is obvious that the left realizes its radical agenda will be short lived. That is the exact reason why they are trying to pass all of these socialist ideas before the November elections. They are like sheep being lead to the slaughter house. By not recognizing what the majority of people want and the fact that America became so wealthy because of the lack of government in the system, they will fail. So let them continue to disregard the peoples wishes, press on with a socialistic agenda and continue to lie. The truth has come out, they will be voted out, and destroy the Democratic party.

From what I have read the November elections are gaining support by the people to elect individuals with a business background, not a political one. Where taking responsibility for your actions and decisions will have merit over the governing parties agenda. Once again our representatives will reflect the voices of the people not the government in power. This cleansing of our government will provide a base for the entreprenural spirit and lead to a prosperous economy vs. a prospering government.

Vote the liars out.

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