March 31, 2010

Moving in the right direction...

Recently Colorado Springs removed the trash cans in all parks but 15 selected parks. To me this looks like a classic example of government failing to do its part on city maintenance. People don't want to pay more taxes so the government will let the parks of our city die and become big trash holes. What is the solution to this problem? PETA has offered money to get the trash system working again. There is one catch though, they get to put logos on the cans that say eating meat destroys the earth with a lady in a lettuce bikini in the background. This solution is currently being considered by the city government.
This may not be the perfect solution to the problem, but this is a good start. Now if only big businesses like Coke or Pepsi could put logos on the cans and help pay for the service the problem of the trash would be solved. If I saw a Pepsi trashcan in the park I would think that the company cares about the environment and the people visiting the parks.
The PETA trashcans seem a little heavy on the political goals for my taste but the company would get a job done that the government has failed to do. If companies like Pepsi or Coke can figure out the opportunity of advertisement there could be good money made.
The start of private companies providing the trash services for the parks of Colorado Springs is a step to less government spending and control over the day to day services that the private market can provide.

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