April 1, 2013

The tax of being alive

When the founders, who once participated in the creation of a constitutionalist society, feared tyranny from a centralized government while also fearing a tyranny of the majority, could they have ever feared a tyranny of the minority? When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), almost two thirds of the citizens of the United States said they were opposed to universal health care.  It seems that everyday we learn something new about the law that makes our lives a bit more complex and beholden to the federal government.
How does a government full of red tape, costly bureaucrats, and inefficient management think that they can improve the best medical system that the world has ever seen? The United States did not achieve the best medical care system because the government nurtured it; it became the best health care system despite the government’s attempts to regulate it though free market competition. The argument politicians used to enact ACA was that the law would lower the cost of health care insurance by $2,400 a year, therefore lowering the cost of medical attention. Today, we not only see the cost going up, but according to the Denver Post, we see the average yearly premium amount going up by 40 percent. If politicians wanted to lower the cost of health insurance one step they could have taken would have been to allow insurance companies to trade between state lines and encourage more competition among the health market, reducing some of centuries of regulations that were put on the industries. Another way could have been tort reform, by simply making it harder to sue doctors, reducing the amount of frivolous lawsuits and reducing the amount paid in malpractice insurance.
In a country that was founded to be a protector of property rights and liberty, why would we allow the tyranny of an elect few tell us that we must be taxed for having the privilege of living within its borders? The only way to fight a “run-away” government is to educate the masses and let them know that the only way continue elevating our society is not to give our daily decision to an elect few but to limit the power of we have handed them by taking it back through the election process.

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